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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Amazing New Club Penguin Cartoon!

There is a new Club Penguin cartoon on YouTube!

:)Watch in YouTube(:

Here are some pictures I took, of the most important parts.
 The cover for the movie, this shows a lot of Club Penguin Island. Just look at those mountains in the background, a sign that CP Islands is huge!
The Dojo on a dark, winter day.
Uh oh! Sensei got hit with a snowball, by his student. When the student becomes the teacher.
Those students practical destroyed the Dojo. Look the floor is on fire!
Ahh, Sensie's sleeping. Wait he just started snoring, its not cute anymore.
If you wake up a sleeping Sensei, he'll blow up!
A penguin bridge, looks a little dangerous though.
A pizza dough web! At least the ninjas didn't need to clean it up.
The ninjas are hiding from the populace, or are they?
What!? Sensei was awake the whole time? All that work for nothing.

The cartoon is good in all, except for one thing. This is a complete epic fail, and shatters Club Penguin's very existence. PENGUINS DON'T HAVE FINGERS!!!
Here, we see a penguin with a finger! Penguins don't fingers, they have flippers. This is an epic fail for Club Penguin all right, the tip of the flipper even looks like a fist.
For Heaven's sake, Club Penguin! Epic failure.

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